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GreenHill Variance Analysis & Compliance Tools

GreenHill provides management reporting tools that can be used to evaluate the consistency of account performance to benchmarks, performance targets, or amongst managed account groups. This process can help expose performance variations, group membership issues, such as composites or coding, and benchmarking issues.

Variance Parameters

  • Numerous options can factor into the calculation of variance and Z-Score figures.

  • Choose from account group means, assigned benchmarks, selected indices, investment model returns, selected account returns or target return.

  • Variance results may be calculated for the total account, selected segments or segment levels.

  • Calculations can be performed for multiple time periods.


Variance Filters

  • Once variance and Z-Score amounts are calculated, they can be filtered to determine outlier account or segment returns that fall outside of set tolerances.

  • Variance and Z-Score results can be easily filtered by a set number or percentage to assist with the compliance process.

  • Filtered results may be exported to facilitate the tracking of research and actions associated with the performance exception process.