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GreenHill Investment Model Performance

GreenHill simplifies the tasks associated with calculating and presenting performance results for your investment models. No longer do you need to create a composite of accounts assigned to a model, try to find representative account without cash flows, create complex spreadsheets or use software that doesn’t accommodate your model parameters.

Model Tools


  • Specify any combination of mutual funds, ETFs or securities to construct your model.

  • Designate when allocation changes occur.

  • Determine frequency for rebalancing—annual, quarterly, monthly or only at time of allocation change.

  • Provide annual percentage for investment management fees and posting schedule.

  • Maintain historical data for components that are no longer active.


Prepare Model Presentations


  • Create investment model presentations covering desired time periods.

  • Display returns for the total model, asset subgroups and components.

  • Compare to selected benchmarks, balanced indices and target allocations.

  • Present gross and net returns. Perform model risk analysis.


Prepare Proposals


  • Select the investment model, initial investment amount and time period.

  • Present the growth of their investment over time in dollars and rates or return.

  • Customize the proposal with prospective client name.