Our History

GreenHill started in 1991 by bringing performance measurement to the desktop. We leveraged our extensive investment consulting experience to deliver investment monitoring services designed to keep pace with the changing needs of the industry.

The early GreenHill years were devoted to the design and development of GHperf, our original desktop investment performance software package. In 1998 we introduced Chameleon, which brought desktop publishing and graphic presentation to client statements and customized reports.

ReportQuest – our online client portal – was introduced in 2011. It offers production and interactive reporting as well as real time maintenance. ReportQuest capabilities continue to expand as the investment industry needs continue to evolve. We currently offer solutions for composite management, variance analysis for compliance assistance, and security contribution for performance research.

GreenHill introduced Investment Model Performance and Proposal tools in 2015. We can now efficiently address the tasks associated with calculating and presenting performance results for investment models.

We look forward to bringing new functionality, services and technology to contribute to the ongoing growth of the wealth management industry.

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